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About Us

Built From A Passion.

The story of RiverBend Records is a love story. For over 30 years, the store owner Billy Hurst has been collecting vinyl. His love of vinyl began at home. He was encouraged to listen to his parent's music collection, taught how to place the album onto a record player properly, and place the stylus(needle) to prevent damaging the record. He was also taught how to replace the album back into its cover to keep it secure. This love of vinyl was always present and whether he was performing music or taking photos in his role as a professional photographer, Billy regularly scheduled visits to record stores to not only build his personal collection but to learn what makes a record store appealing. Learning what worked and what made these stores across the country unique, the plan was formed to open the kind of record store which appealed to fellow music lovers and audiophiles like him. Taking the best of what he saw, Billy is creating a one-stop shop for music, equipment, and fill the void for vinyl lovers in the RiverBend and online.

Now A Reality.

Whether you are looking to start a vinyl album collection, looking for that rare album not found on subscription services, or you just want to talk music with true fans, RiverBend Records is your record shop. The personal connections found at RiverBend Records are what makes our shop so special. For the music fan looking to reconnect with their favorite music and get the sense of owning it once again, RiverBend Records provides you a unique experience.

Unlike subscription music services like Pandora and Spotify or local record stores like Slackers, you can get advice from true music professionals. RiverBend Records can help you start or upgrade your music collection. In addition, we help you find the best equipment to play your favorite music.

Finally, Riverbend Records is a central location to find the rare albums you are looking for.†RiverBend Records is more than a record store, it is a community.† When you visit RiverBend Records, youíll find more than just old albums. You will find a throwback to the original record stores.

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