2720 Grovelin Street - Ste B | Godfrey, IL | 62035

Get Back To Vinyl

RiverBend Records brings back the fun of shopping for records. Sure, subscription streaming services like iTunes or Spotify provide unprecedented access and convenience, but something is lost, too: ownership. Vinyl records are physical items you can collect, hold in your hands, and purchase in person.

Flip through albums with big twelve-inch square covers. Discuss your favorite style or artists with fellow music lovers.

RiverBend Records is more than a record store, it is a community.  When you visit RiverBend Records, you’ll find more than just old albums. You will find a throwback to the original record stores.

 You can listen to good music while browsing through albums. Talk about your favorite artist or style with our staff and other customers, and even have a beer or glass of wine while just hanging out.

You may even find yourself in an impromptu jam session with local musicians. Become a part of the growing subculture of vinyl audiophiles and discover the joy of “owning” music all over again.